Ella Almog - Wire Mesh Sculptures

Ella Almog – Wire Mesh Sculptures

Ella Almog fills our hearts with inspiration, not only because of her exceptional talent nor because of her creative, full of character and fascinating sculpturing – but mostly because she dares to live her dream!

Ella sculpts in a unique style, which has made her one of the world’s most prominent artists in the field of mesh sculpturing. Some people freeze when they observe Ella’s work. They are tempted to touch and feel the molded iron, amazed by the provocative quality expressed in her work – teasing contrasts of transparency versus opacity, elasticity versus rigidity, tangible shapes versus an elusive concept – sheer beauty that one must simply stare at.

Ella’s wire mesh sculptures express hidden passions that can be described as “invasive,” as the fine details of her work infiltrates the heart.

Ella Almog - Wire Mesh Sculptures

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