Wire Mesh Sculpting (metal iron) Technique – The Method

Wire Mesh Sculpting (metal iron) - Ella Almog
Wire Mesh Sculpting (metal iron) – Ella Almog

Wire mesh sculpting (iron mesh) is different from any sculpture we know because the mesh is metallic but also flexible (similar to the mesh we know in the flour sieve or filters in the kitchen) can emotionally and gently create almost anything we want, all by pressing and stretching with wooden tools or mainly With bare hands.

Wire mesh sculpting (iron mesh) expresses defiant contrasts of transparency versus opacity, flexibility versus difficulty, a product of there versus an elusive idea.

Wire Mesh Sculpting Method of Ella Almog

The method of wire mesh sculpting (iron mesh) of Ella Almog is art during which unique and prestigious mesh sculptures are created

  1. The idea – Ella inspired by the desired sculpture.
  2. Preparations – Ella prepare tools and mesh size..
  3. The sculpting process – Ella protrude and press on the wire metal mesh with their hands and wooden tools.
  4. Finishing – Ella bends and removes the remnants of the mesh threads at the edges and sticks them with glue.
Ella Almog sculpting

Wire mesh sculpting tools

To create web sculptures, the following tools are required:

  • Iron wire mesh (metal).
  • Pliers.
  • Professional scissors or cutter
  • Powerful glue.
  • A metal spoon or wooden tool for pressing.

The advantages of Ella Almog’s Method

  • The mesh sculptures are hollow and light allowing easy movement between places
  • Finishing level is unique and without leaving threads or residue.
  • The mesh sculptures are suitable for any design and for many areas in the space.
  • The cost of the sculptures is not expensive compared to other sculpting methods.

Wire Mesh Sculptures of Ella Almog

Here are some images of the web sculptures of Ella Almog. For the entire gallery and items available for purchase, you can enter the page Wire mesh sculpture shop.

Sculpting workshops

Ella Almog conducts iron mesh sculpting workshops in small groups. For more information, you can read more about Wire mesh sculpting workshop.

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